Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Introducing AirNergy

by A.R. Tinkerer

Welcome to the AirNergy blog (note that the blog name has changed to PneumoNergy since AirNergy is a registered trademark of Global Energy; WindPower, Inc.)! This blog is to document building or modifying devices that use air as their energy source. For each project, I will try to include the original idea, the design, construction, tools used, problems encountered and things learned. Projects may get sidetracked to describe making or modifying something needed to complete a project.

This blog will not be updated daily. I don't know how often I will post, and it will vary.

I like to tinker. Look up "tinkerer" at and that describes me. I like to fiddle with, adjust, repair and make things in an experimental manner (and hopefully not entirely in an unskilled way).

I was fortunate enough to be able to take metal shop in high school. The main things I remember from the class are arc welding and the metal lathe. However, that was a long time ago and I discover how little I remember each time I do something! I usually have a vague idea from those memories of how to be safe and where to start, but I make mistakes. I hope I learn from them and by exposing my mistakes here, you can avoid them. I hope you learn something and I look forward to learning from you.

Where Credit is Due
I must stop here and credit two sources which peaked my interest in what compressed air could do. Those sources would be the MDI air car and airguns. But that isn't the end of the story. Tom Gaylord, AKA B.B. Pelletier (Pyramyd Air blog), was the one source that is probably most responsible for feeding my interest. Thank you Tom!

I also must give HUGE credit to all of you who post information about your projects! These have been a great resource for me. I will try to post links to any web references I use in my projects, and list books, magazines, etc. that I use for reference.

Finally, I must thank God who gave all of us the ability to think, reason and create.

Lets get started
To kick things off, here are a few links I found interesting that relate to using compressed air for an energy source. There is one other link I wanted to include under the "Hands On" section, but I couldn't find it. I will post it when I do.

Compressed Air Engines

Hands On

Air Car

Jay Leno's Green Garage (note the link to the wind turbine)

The next post will introduce a project to convert an RWS 850 AirMagnum CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) airgun to use HPA (High Pressure Air). I will explain why I started the project and its humble beginnings.

And finally I must make a disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a how-to blog, it is informational only. Working with power machinery is dangerous and some of the things I build can be dangerous. WHATEVER YOU DO IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.


DragonSlayer said...

22, Multi, Good for you!!Im looking forward to this! Tim.P.S., following your posts at Pyramid Airs blog for some time now it is clear to me you know what your doing!! Good Luck my friend! Tim,AKA Dragon Slayer.

A.R. Tinkerer said...


Thank you! I thought you might be the first to visit, LOL!


Shooter said...

Hi .22 multi- shot,

Nice spot here. Being a tinkerer myself, I look forward to your following your projects. I'm having trouble finding enough time to do my own these days...


A.R. Tinkerer said...


Thanks! I have the same problem with my time so I empathize with you.


DragonSlayer said...

Ar. Tinkerer/22 Multi, Wife helped me put you on "speed dial"!! After looking more closely at your site, I realize its more than I thought!! WOW! Cool stuff! This goes further than simple "bb guns"!! Air engines/motors? I thought I was the only one! ---- Be prepaired my friend,I think you have openend up the floodgates!! You are gonna have to find time now!! P.S.,, remind me to tell you about my 120 psi. potatoe gun that goes thru 2 pcs. of osb. ply.!! (seriously)! My friends gun on hair spray kills 3 sheets ply but I like AIR! If I pursued it further, ie. elec. sprinkler vaulve, Im shure I could top him!! (Im shure you know what Im talkin about!) Thanks Multi! Tim.

A.R. Tinkerer said...


I have friends that have built potato guns, but I've never seen one. Yours sounds pretty awesome!

This is definitely the place where you can discuss all kinds of air power.